Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour Archive

This is an awesome resource if you love Bob and Music.

Welcome to the Unofficial Theme Time Radio Hour Archive

It was with great anticipation that fans of the legendary American musician Bob Dylan tuned in (if they could) to XM Radio on May 3, 2006 to hear the first episode of the Theme Time Radio Hour, Dylan’s foray into the world of the disc jockey. Anticipation turned to delight when it emerged that not only does Dylan have great taste in music, as one would assume, but that he also has a great radio voice, a true gift for DJ gab and a stellar production crew helping him along the way.

This site offers access to epiosdes of the TTRH in mp3 format and free as a public service aimed at helping people who would not be able to access them otherwise. This site does not use advertising to generate revenue and any donations received are used strictly to pay hosting and bandwidth costs.

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